Merry Christmas Radio Hobbyists!

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The website site has been on the air for over 26 years and is listed as a resource in the 2018 edition of the World Radio TV Handbook!

Reprints, reprints, we've got technical reprints!
I have been a member of the International Radio Club of America on and off since late 1975 -- that is a long, long, long time in any calendar system. One of the more active writers over the years is the venerable Nick Hall-Patch (who has been my neighbour and buddy since 1975!) He has written a lot of technical articles and there are 100's of them over here on the IRCA website -- go have a look see. We will be focusing more on the technical side of things -- and yes, the website has been stagnating a long, long time now.

Here is the entire flipping list!

Wanna talk radio - or ham stuff? Send an e-mail. Hey, you never know,

If you have been a regular visitor to, I would love to hear from you. Websites tend to be one way mirrors at times - and it can get very lonely in here. We have a forum but nobody does forums anymore so that will likely be deleted in time for the coming updates! If you have an argument in favor of keeping some kind of forum alive, please speak up now! Send an e-mail - if only to say, "Hey! I am alive too!"

Audio Library -- we are working with Thomas Witherspoon over on the SW Archive to add access to my sizeable audio archive from the 1970's - here is a Sample of FEBC Manila Philippines from October of 1975!

Hosted in Victoria B.C. Canada, the website has promoted the radio listening (SWL/DXing) hobby since the mid-1990's -- as well as promoting Amateur radio, electronics experimentation and development. My call sign is VA7WWV - but we don't spend too much time talking about Ham radio here as there are plenty of other websites and YouTube channels devoted to that...


CD blank180 By REQUEST -- The Ian McFarland Interval Signal Series from Long Ago!!!

Here is a CD Number 1 - and CD Number 2 - Interval Signals DOWNLOAD! HERE is the PDF Guide to the I.S. series...

We also have lots of other audio files that I may be encouraged to upload.

Ian McFarland's final show on RCI - March 1991

Colin Newell on CBC Spark with Nora Young