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8 years 3 months ago #1168 by Peter

It is just my impression... The E1 is very fine radio with good specs. But neither the quality of construction nor parameters can match those of R75. The only advantages of E1 comparing to R75 is suberb sync detector (a lot better than the one found on ICF-SW2010) and FM coverage.

I may be wrong but I understand that one of the main concerns of the original poster was build quality of a radio. I would say that in this regard the R75's record looks a lot better than E1's.

BTW, the lack of internal ferrite antenna is a huge drawback for me. I live in an appartment and the whip collects too much noise (and whip amplifier gets overloaded extremely easily). I have to use external antenna to obtain acceptable reception on MW and sometimes it is impractical (for example when I walk around the house).

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8 years 3 months ago #1169 by carl_elissa

For portability,s sake i would think that an internal ferrite would be a welcomed addition to a radio the caliber of an E-1.
If you were operating from a fixed location such as on a dxpedition ,it would not matter so much and you could hook it up to a Wellbrook or other external loop .I guess it depends on what you are looking for whether table top,semi-portable or fully portable operation .

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8 years 2 months ago #1210 by techman65

Just a note about the E1 rig; I really think that this is one of the BEST, (if not THE best) SW/MW/LW/FM radios currently available.
I say this for two reasons: price and performance.
Now, in truth, I do find the lack of an onboard ferrite antenna to be somewhat of a frustration. I do, however, believe that this is not a very good reason for anyone not to seriously consider this radio as one of their top choices for a desktop/portotop radio.
I use a C.C. Twin Coil ferrite antenna when I want to do any serious DXing with the E1. Fairly cheap (about $100), easy to use and, most importantly, a good if not GREAT alternative to an onboard ferrite antenna.
Now, one caveat. The E1 as well as the E1XM radios MIGHT be coming to the end of production by their manufacturer, Eton Corp. Please understand that I do NOT know this for certain BUT their are a lot of folks who, seemingly in the know, tell me that this is true. Take that as a rumor I said, I don't know this for certain!
Anyway, I do know that this radio is still available at some of the on-line radio specialty outlets...but for how long, well, who knows?
Anyway...I like the E1 and, for the price ($399) it is a great radio worth consideration for anyone seriously interested in a quality communications grade receiver. Pass band tuning, single sideband tuning, synch detection, etc. Tabletop features at a portatop price. Don't worry too much about the lack of a MW antenna, however. Like I said an outboard ferrite stick will easliy suffice! Actually, I agree that the inclusion of the ferrite antenna as a feature by Eton might have spelled a compromise for some of the other more critical components that are found on the radio.
Anyway, as we used to say in Ireland...that is just another County heard from!! (ME!!)
Best to all!
Tom: cheer: ;)

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7 years 11 months ago #1593 by Kilo2

Eton E1 if budget and portability are important and the Icom R75 if you have a larger budget and intend to leave the radio in one location.

Having said that, make sure you have a good antenna in a low noise location.


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