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dxer-dot-ca-profile-colinColin and the gang at DXer.ca have been at this radio hobby since the early 70's - Our hobby interests include SW Listening, DXing, Ham radio, antennas, accessories and electronics projects.

We build stuff - like VACTROL's for Flag/Pennant/KAZ/EWE Antennas - they are all around the World now! We even fix stuff!

So if you have a radio in reasonably good health - apart from the fact that it is not working, we do occasionally do repairs -- and get this:

Always for free or the cost of shipping. If your radio is still worth something to you - and it has not been dropped off of a cliff or into a lake or lived in a barn or with chain smokers - let us know.

I am a Federally and Provincially certified Electronics Technician (and licensed Ham radio operator - VA7WWV) - and in my lab I have classic equipment and surface mount capable re-work stations - So I am here to help out!

Send me an e-mail about any issue with this website or to ask a question about radio, antennas, gadgets, electronics and stuff!


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