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TOPIC: Trio 9R-59

Trio 9R-59 7 years 1 month ago #550

  • kuzzy
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Hello All,

Newbie of all Newbies here. I recently picked up an old Trio 9R-59 tube type SW receiver and after replacing some bad tubes, I've got it up and running. I've never owned one of these before, but have been tinkering with old tube radios for a few years now. I find this receiver facinating and have been able to pick-up a few stations using a simple 20' piece of wire running across my garage rafters. I was wondering if somebody could tell me a better way to hook up an antenna system? I have a very small yard and would need to keep anything that travels outside attached to the house.
I'd love to hear from anyone in the Barrie area into the tube hobby. Along with radios, I also collect and tinker with the old Stark testing equipment.
Merry Christmas all.
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Re:Trio 9R-59 7 years 3 weeks ago #576

  • colin
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Antennas love air - the more the better. Get that piece of wire up as high as possible.

I am just looking up your receiver on Google - I have heard of it.
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Re:Trio 9R-59 7 years 3 weeks ago #579

  • NN4CW
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Crystal Radio builders have a mantra which mirrors your post: \"More wire, higher!\"
73 Gil ;)
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Re:Trio 9R-59 6 years 11 months ago #690

  • Paul (Mississauga, Ontario)
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There are a few antenna ideas right in the manual pages that I found at here


I have a TV tower and a tree with a clothes line pulley and a bucket for weight. There's rope at the tower and the tree, with ordinary covered wire in between. Works great on my vintage receivers. I get a lot of static build up on it though. So I built a tiny circuit consisting of a neon bulb, a resistor and a capacitor, to bleed it off. The circuit on a terminal strip is mounted right on my antenna terminals.

Nice looking radio BTW.<br><br>Post edited by: colin, at: 2008/02/22 05:12
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