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TOPIC: New rig for me

New rig for me 3 years 1 week ago #3575

  • erichope
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I bought the Alinco DX-R8T based on the ODXA review, and the Wellbrook ALA1530 because of the raves it received on this site. Sadly, I live in a condo absolutely smothered in interference, so the bands are mostly buried in 60 Hz hum and assorted noises from computers, many wall warts, plasma TVs and a Manitoba Hydro transformer just outside, among other devices. So you can well imagine how I'm looking forward to getting out of the city to the cottage on Lake Winnipeg this summer to try out this rig; and yes, I know, summer isn't the best time for DXing but I think that may be the best I can muster. Here's hoping the receiver and antenna live up to expectations!
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Re: New rig for me 3 years 1 week ago #3576

  • twinlake
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Try using a ferrite loop, such as the Palstar LA-30. Ramsey makes a loop kit that works indoors
or outside, with a f-56 cable and a control box. Congrats on the Alinco. If I didn't own a
Palstar R-30, I'd take a real serious look at that unit. Your victory, however challenging- will
be in the antenna department. Take a small SW radio, or MW for that matter, and walk around your unit.

The spot where the noise and reception is best, will be your starting point. Sometimes, a few feet
can make a huge difference. GOOD LUCK.
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Re: New rig for me 3 years 1 day ago #3603

  • hanegi01
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I live in the same sort of noisy crap. I snuck a long wire out the window along a row of trees (green wire worked great when there were leaves!, now stands out like a sore thumb yet no-one's taken it down yet!!) On shortwave it makes a world of different. On MW, it makes a considerable difference, even on radios with no exteral antenna clips. Just bare one end of the wire and stick it in an earphone jack or almost any opening on the radio and watch what happens. But only when using batteries so you dont end up doing some sort of damage. Most of my radios have an AM antenna plug or clip so no worries. Those that don't, I just wrap the end of the wire near the ferrite and boom, improvement. My long wire is about 100 feet but 491 feet is optimal, but not practical in the city. cheers
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Re: New rig for me 3 years 1 day ago #3604

  • hanegi01
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and don't forget to experiment with a ground wire!! sometimes it takes out a HUGE amount of noise. My understanding is the bottom screw of your wall receptacle is a ground. I took the plastic cover off and screwed a wire down to the ground screw in the receptacle. Just make sure to disconnect power to that plug before attempting!!!!!!!! Results will vary, but you might be surprised. Radios are wierd, you get different results doing the same thing at different times of the day.
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